Edgmond Village Shotokan Karate Club
Edgmond Village Shotokan Karate Club

The team

Sensei John Hill

4th Dan Black Belt


I started learning Freestyle Karate in Telford at the age of 5. I then moved to study Shotokan Karate a few years later.

I passed my 1st Dan in Minakami Bushido Karate (Shotokan) when I was 18 and continued to train at the same Dojo where I also passed my 2nd and 3rd Dan grades.


Throughout my training I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Tecki Donavan, Wayne Otto, Terry O'Neil and many more.

I have cross trained in additional martial arts, including, Valley Tudo, Brazillian Jujitsu, Thai Boxing and Boxing.


Along with Sensei Steve Mason I started EVSk Karate Club where we have taught and continue to teach students of all ages from 5 to 65.




Sensei Steve Mason

3rd Dan Black Belt


I started learning Shotokan Karate at The Farmhouse Club, Lynn Farm with my two sons Adam and Dale in 1992.

Throughout my training I have attended numerous courses in the Midlands through the MBK association and in 1997 I was awarded my 1st Dan Black Belt. I have continued to study Shotokan and am now a 3rd Dan Black Belt.


In 1999 myself and Sensei John Hill started EVSK and we have not looked back since. I am a shotokan Sensei through and through and take great pleasure in handing down what I have learned to the "next generation".



Sensei Shara Green

2nd Dan Black Belt


I started learning Shotokan at the age of nine here at EVSK and I passed my first Dan in 2012 at the age of 16.

I was proud to be the first female in the club to be awarded a black belt and I have continued training and teaching at EVSK. In my capacity as 1st Dan, I have been invited to sit on numerous grading panels which in turn has extended my knowlege and experience which I have applied to my teaching.

I was honoured to be awarded my Second Dan grade in November 2015 and I continue to stretch my knowlege of this great sport.

I have grown up in the EVSK family and I am proud to be giving something back to the new students who are now following in my footsteps.

We are located at:

Edgmond Village Hall,

Shrewsbury Road,



TF10 8HU

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